Free National Federation membership fees for all

Due the financial crisis experienced by all world-wide today UNited World Karate Federation has decided to suspend its annual membership for all properly constituted National Federations. This will allow the national federation to charge its members a fee and use this reprieve to develop karate in their countries all national federations wishing to join please send your affiliation to the UWKF headquarters.

13 thoughts on “Free National Federation membership fees for all

    • Dear President Serban,

      I am sorry for the delay in response as I have been busy with the development of our organization and the organizing of the 1st Asian Karate Championships in India in November 2016, we will also have the 1st UWKF Congress to setup the organization with 30 countries attending. I need to work with you regarding the European body with more countries now enquiring I need to know you plan and the program you are suggesting for the future it is important to set up the structure and start getting the events organized as the enthusiasm amongst countries is now growing and need to know where you want to take our organization in Europe.
      Please feel free to contact me if you need to discuss.


      Imtiaz Abdulla
      Executive Chairman


  1. Dear sir,Namaste/oss .Greetings from Indian karate association and Byagrah kan karate international,it was the pleasure to read the articles beautiful ly explained,intrested to be the members please send the details in my mail prof.M.A.Ali


    • Dear Mr. Ali I will be in India from the 22 November to 25 November and we can meet and discuss please send me your contact details. Thank you for your enquiry and I am sure we can work out something. Osu!


  2. Dear Sir,
    Our Sports Karate federation of India is a Regd. Body of Sports Karate.
    We need the membership with your esteemed international organization.
    Please send us the details of membership.


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