United in all respects

The United World Karate Federation ( UWKF) was created to assist karate in two ways. The first objective was to support karate into the Olympics. With the late Sosai Kunio Tatsuno and our current President Sosai Chodoin
. This initiative was also supported by the late Nishiyama Sensei, Mano Sensei, Crowe Sensei, George Popper and many others that gave unselfishly towards this noble undertaking. Today we can say the rest is history and this achievement has been successful. The only disappointment is that not all karate is included in the Olympics, we are hopeful that the World Karate Federation, which Executive Chairman Imtiaz Abdulla was a senior Vice President from 1994 to 2009, with Espinos where both were elected in 1994 in the WKF Congress in Koto Kinabalu. It was also the year that the WKF requested South Africa to host the 13th World Karate Federation Championship, which we did in 1996 at the World Famous Sun City Superdome giving South Africa notice to hold two world championships in one country in the same year, and only two years to do both, this has never been done again. It was us tha introduced the Cadet and Junior World Champion in the World Karate Federation.
This was the platform that assisted in karate’s world-wide popularity and expansion. Executive Chairman Abdulla also won the President of African Karate in 1997, thus liberating African karate with the help of many brothers and sisters in karate in Africa. This was a historic turning point for karate.
When Executive Chairman Abdulla took over karate in Africa only 5 countries where activity in African and World events, when he was illegally disposed at an illegal gathering in Algiers in 2009 and the Algerian Mesbahi was illegally installed, with a illegal election arranged by Espinos and the now despised, and disposed YEROLIMPOS, who was then General Secretary.
This is when we decided to pursue the Unity and Development of karate for the right reasons and for the preservation of karate for all and standing by the traditional values of karate as a sport and art. We are not interested in been the best our challenging for Olympic recognition as we believe karate as it already and is a world-wide movement without the Olympics, is a benefit for all that practice and take part in this disciplined and beneficial Spartans art.
Our reference is Okinawa and the spirit of Okinawa. Training everyday, sweating everyday, uniting everyday, developing everyday and improving the health and lives of all societies everyday for all of the world through karate. Tournaments are a means to us to uniting and developing the youth and the karate population. But is the deepness and benefit in the art that we are more interested in, making everyone a champion is our mission in life.
Join the United World Karate Federtion today to join us in this quest of making a better future for all.

Return to Traditional Values in the Okinawan Martial Arts

From the Executive Chairman office

This is the website from the Executive Chairman of the United World Karate Federation

This year the Okinawan World tournament will be held in Naha City, Okinawa and it is the 1st World Tournament that will be exclusively ONLY for kata. KATA is the pride and treasure of Okinawan Karate and its practice and research are everlasting and non-ending in the benefits and rewards one receives from practicing this treasure that the ancient master handed down to us. It needs a deep study not just on the physical execution but in every aspect of the practice of karate. It needs the practitioner to understand the body dynamics, physiology, anatomy, breathing, the nervous system and how it can be repaired and damaged and many more aspects. It is in the KATA which is where we do the DATA analysis, that we find these answers. It must also be remembered that karate is a martial art first and foremost and sport is just a small part of the journey towards attaining the benefits of this marvelous physical, spiritual and mental endeavor. Many practitioners get so caught up in the sporting aspect that they forget the martial arts benefits. Now that Karate will be a “demonstration” Olympic Sports everyone is only looking and practicing this aspect. This is good for the promotion and development of younger karate-ka but it cannot be the ONLY aspect of karate.

Also, it is pleasing to notice that many karate-ka are now going back to the roots of karate, Okinawa and practicing with the master on the island, it is important to do this now as many are now aging and are not in the best of health and we have a short time to get as much from them as possible to depart to the future generation.

There is an old Japanese saying “NIGIRI SAN NEN” it takes three years to understand how to train and this should be the spirit of every karate-ka whether one is concentrating on sport or researching and training daily to get the benefit of the art.

The United World Karate Federation is equally promoting the art and sport but what makes us different is we allow all martial arts to exchange their experience and technical prowess in one organization and develop all martial arts and prepare all for fair play and equal education of martial arts for all. Thus creating a worldwide brotherhood of martial artist without politics and instilling the true values of BUDO in all our members, We work with all organization and have no restriction on who you should work with and how you work with each other.