Asia UWKF inauguration Congress and meetings November 2016 New Delhi India

All IKU, WFF, IKKO and UWKF members the inaugural UWKF Asia Congress will be held on 28 to 30 November 2016 during the IKU Asian Championships in New Delhi India. About 30 countries are expected to grace this important karate event and it will be the 1st time ever that a United all competition format and styles Asian Champinships will be held in Asia. All credit must be given to the dynamic leadership of Mr. BK Bharat the President of UWKF India and the President of IKU India and his able team, what is encouraging is the amount of youth talent in the UWKF. We also want to welcome Mr. Kakavand the President of the UWKF Iran and South East Asian, I have known Mr. KAKAVAND for many years and with his able and dedicated leadership karate can only benefit immensely in IRAN and surrounding areas. We also welcome Mr. Tamara Nissanka our President of UWKF Sri Lanka who is a dedicated proponent of karate in his country. With these leaders the UWKF can only grow from strength to strength. Executive Chairman Imtiaz Abdulla will grace this event and will preside over the inaugural Congress to install the Asian Executive Committee and to presents the objectives and structure true of the United World Karate Federation. Chairman Abdulla will also conduct a technical seminar . and especially the formats and style approach of UWKF. We hope to see all members of IKU, WFF, IKKO and UWKF in India. For those countries that want to join UWKF send your enquiry to or visit our facebook page @UWKFHQ1rsa for more details and also IKU Asian Championships.